CCHR of Georgia takes a stand for human rights against unethical psychiatry practices in Georgia. The over-prescribing of drugs to kids and people with mental illness

Origins of Psychiatry

From its beginnings in the 1700s, using the practices of confining, restraining and isolating people with mental problems in institutions, psychiatrists have cashed in on human misery.

“Psychiatry is probably the single most destructive force that has affected society within the last sixty years.”
—Dr. Thomas Szasz, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus

About CCHR of Atlanta Georgia

CCHR of Atlanta, Georgia is a non-profit, mental health watchdog, organization. Our goal is to assure that dangerous, harmful practices are put to a cease by those in the mental health industry. We do this by trying to enforce over 180 human right laws that were put in place to protect the people. If you are in Atlanta, Georgia and know of someone who has been impacted by psychiatric abuse, understand that there are laws to protect you. Take action today and fill out our contact form so that our experts can investigate your case.

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